Technical Bulletin

FEAF elaborates the Technical Bulletin on a quarterly basis, conceived as an observatory of strategic information for companies in the sector, in which all the information that we consider relevant for associated companies is collected.

Access the Technical Bulletins

Sections of our Technical Bulletin

Sector News

General and information of interest about the foundry sector and FEAF’s own activities.


Application regulations, projects, conferences, surveys.

Standardization and Certification

News related to the AENOR Committees in which FEAF participates, applicable standards for the sector, etc. 

Prevention and Occupational Health

Application regulations, projects, conferences, surveys. 

Training and Employment

Projects, courses… 

Technical News

Selection of technical articles from national and international specialized publications. 

Scheduled Events

Scheduled CAEF meetings, Fairs, Congresses, etc. 

European Projects of Interest

European projects in which the AFV/FEAF has participated in recent years.

The publication of each Technical Bulletin is communicated to all associated companies, 

via email, through a link to our website. In order to access the published Technical Bulletins, you must access the private area of our website. Associated companies can indicate as many people in their organization as they deem appropriate to whom they wish the Technical Bulletin to reach, by sending an email to and indicating in the subject: Technical Bulletin.