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We represent companies in the Foundry sector in Spain

More information about FEAF

Spanish Federation of Foundry Associations

FEAF is a non-profit sector business organization that brings together companies from the entire value chain of the Spanish Foundry sector.

Established in 1997, it is the umbrella organization of the Foundry Association of the Basque Country and Navarre (AFV), the Foundry Association of Catalonia (AFC) and the Technical Association and Development of the Spanish Die Casting (TEDFUN).

Our association is recognized by all Administrations as representative of the Sector in Spain.

FEAF is member of the European Foundry Association (CAEF), the umbrella organization of the European Foundry industry, represented by the national foundry associations of 22 European countries.

We are 142 members

FEAF has different associated companies spread throughout the national territory and dedicated to different sectors, such as the automotive industry, valves, wind energy and others.

Raw Materials

FEAF publishes monthly the prices of three categories of raw materials for the Foundry sector: Steel Scrap, Iron Ingot and Ferroalloys.

Próximos Eventos

Eventos y actividades FEAF y Asociados.



La feria internacional de procesos y equipos para la fabricación se celebrará del 6 al 8 de junio de 2023 en el BEC de Barakaldo


GIFA 2023

La Feria GIFA, la más importante del sector de fundición se celebrará del 12 al 16 de junio de 2023 en Düsseldorf (Alemania)

Did you know?

“Foundries melt ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys and give final or almost definitive shape to products through casting and solidification of molten metals or alloys in a mold.”