Basque Foundry & Forging Cluster

Since 2016, the AFV is considered as Foundry Cluster of the Basque Country. In 2019, the AFV as Coordinating Entity, FUNDIGEX and SIFE make up the Basque Foundry and Forging Cluster.

Basque Foundry & Forging Cluster

AFV (Asociación de Fundidores del País Vasco y Navarra) is the Supply-Demand Intermediation Agent of the RVCTI (Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network) and one of its main objectives is to add value to the productive and social fabric of the Basque Country, through collaboration and complementarity.

Within the framework of the CLUSTER PROGRAM of the Basque Government, at the suggestion of the Basque Government, as of 2019 a Collaboration Agreement of the Foundry and Forging Cluster is created. This ODC (Cluster Dynamizing Organization) is made up of 3 entities: AFV, FUNDIDEX and SIFE. AFV acts as the Coordinating Entity of the Grouped ODC of the Foundry and Forging Cluster, while FUNDIGEX and SIFE act as participants in it.


Enhance leadership, image and global positioning in markets with growth potential by promoting innovation, digitization, sustainability and cooperation as a lever for competitiveness.


To be a prestigious sector encompassing the entire value chain of the foundry sector, with an established global positioning, with the smart industry as a reference, in current and future markets, based on the European Green Deal.

Sector challenges

1. Project a sector brand at an international level aligned with the SDGs and smart industry, strengthening the value chain.

2. Strengthen the positioning of the sector, generating recognition of leadership of the internationalization of the foundry industry.

3. Promote technological innovation within the framework of smart industry.

4. Advance in the efficiency of the management of the ODC (Cluster Dynamizing Organization) towards cluster excellence.

5. Promote non-technological innovation by focusing on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and the European Green Deal (Green Deal).