What we offer

We represent, manage and defend the interests of companies in the Foundry Sector at the regional, national and international level.

R&D and innovation

Development and support to companies in collaborative R&D and innovation projects between associated companies, technology centers, universities and other agents. 

Strategic information

Surveillance, information, benchmarking and strategy. Observatory of strategic information and benchmarking for associates. Participation in forums that give access to relevant information for the sector. 


We add value to the productive and social fabric, through cooperation. 

Raw materials prices

Monthly publication of prices of three categories of raw materials for the Foundry sector: Steel Scrap, Iron Ingot and Ferro-alloys.

Meetings and events

Conferences, meetings and events of different kinds. Obtaining information about the specific R&D needs of the associates in order to identify lines of joint action.

Environmental services

Reuse of sand in other industrial sectors, monthly update of environmental legislation, Environmental Responsibility Law (MIRAT Sectorial Pilot Plan), REACH Regulations, BREF of Forging and Foundry. 

Prevention Services and Occupational Risks

Radiological surveillance protocol, optimization of the management and control of crystalline silica in foundries, permanent updating of occupational health and safety legislation, formaldehyde, etc. 


Promote collaboration focusing on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and the European Green Deal (Green Deal) to meet the strategic objectives of the Waste Prevention and Management Plan. 

Training and employment

Training within the framework of the radiological surveillance protocol, study of job profiles, skills and training needs in the foundry sector, continuous training aimed at active workers, occupational training aimed at the unemployed, master’s degree in technological innovation in foundry, employment exchange , etc.

Quality and standardization

Quality programs, secretariat and chairmanship of the AEN / CTN 78 committee ” Foundry Industries “, participation in the AEN / CTN 19 committee ” Cast iron pipes, taps, valves and accessories of metallic materials “, Committee chair AEN / CTC 033 certification technician on manhole covers, participation in different international committees.

Collaboration agreement with AENOR to benefit from advantageous conditions in the acquisition of UNE standards and training courses.

Other services

Used machinery exchange, technical consultations and others.