Why to join

FEAF represents and defends the Foundry sector. Joining FEAF will give your company a voice and decision-making power.

Why to join

1. We represent and defend the Foundry sector.

2. You will be able to participate in the different working groups of the association and CAEF, the European Foundry Association.

3. You will have direct contact with other companies in your sector and you will be able to exchange information and experiences through networking, since synergies and joint actions are created at FEAF.

4. You will have direct contact with the Administration. More influence and help in the dialogue with them.

5. At FEAF we promote joint actions that promote talent, training and knowledge.

6. You will obtain key information for your business. Information that will help you making important decisions.

7. You will have access to the FEAF´s job bank.

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