MAGISTER project

Strengthen and transfer non-formal learning in family SMEs in the Metal Sector


The MAGISTER project tries to encourage interaction and the exchange of information and knowledge. All this, through the adaptation, development and experimentation of a model of transnational intervention.

MAGISTER, based on the Tacitus Project (I/03/B/F/NT/154072 non-formal knowledge transfer and improvement), aims to identify and develop the knowledge and key skills of family SMEs in the metal sector (including knowledge acquired through non-formal and informal education) and facilitate its transfer to future generations, with the participation of all actors in the sector.

Expected Results


Federación Vizcaína de Empresas del Metal – FVEM

The project was developed during the years 2011-2012

La Asociación cuenta con la participación de importantes instituciones tanto públicas como privadas para la capacitación, evaluación y consultoría, todos ellos directamente relacionados con el sector industrial, como:

  • Empresarios Alaveses – SEA (País Vasco)
  • Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Cluj (Rumania)
  • Organización Pública para la mejora de la Formación Profesional GIP-FCIP (Francia)
  • CONFINDUSTRIA Veneto SIAV Spa (Italia)

The MAGISTER project has been funded by the European Commission, within the framework
of Transfer of Innovation of the Leonardo da Vinci Program for Vocational Training.


The main result of the project is a guide for the transmission of knowledge in family SMEs. Intermediate results reports have also been produced; a report on the main methodologies and tools for the formalization and transfer of knowledge, a report on the main strengths and weaknesses of those responsible for family SMEs in relation to the use, knowledge and expectations of methodologies to formalize knowledge. Finally, a summary report of the main obstacles and difficulties to formalize and transfer knowledge between generations.