NIWE project

New Induction Wireless Manufacturing Efficient Process for Energy Intensive Industries


Increases in energy efficiency will be achieved thanks to a new furnace which, by means of an induction-based power transmission system, will allow highly flexible production. This increase in production flexibility addresses the current variability in demand for foundry products.

NIWE addresses these real and current problems by providing a new furnace, which will capture energy by inductive coupling. This will provide very fast transmission power from the network to the furnace. This energy will be supplied to the heating system, which, depending on the casting material, could consist of resistance or induction heating.

The speed of the power transmission system, as well as the wireless operation, will allow the use of smaller ovens. In this way, the reserve of molten material for feeding the molds will be smaller, and therefore the energy required to keep it molten.

In addition, the cordless oven will provide flexible operation, allowing quick modification of the factory layout, which is based on simple interchangeable ovens of different types and sizes, depending on demand.


The main objective of NIWE is to develop and demonstrate new processes and equipment for intensive industries in the metallurgical sector (specifically aluminium, iron and steel), to reduce energy consumption related to the smelting and production processes, as well as GHG emissions by lowering the carbon footprint of products.

The project will demonstrate a new production process capable of lowering the energy content of foundry products by more than 25%, dramatically reducing their carbon footprint. The demonstration will be held in the aluminum, iron and steel sectors.

Expected Results

  • Recommendations for new processes and equipment.
  • New integral design of processes, materials and equipment for aluminium, Steel and iron demonstrators through simulation.
  • New detailed concept and methodology for manufacturing processes in the metallurgical industry.
  • Three furnaces prototypes to be tested including NIWE concept.
  • Operation guides for the new processes and equipment.
    Definition of new production models.
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